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A Comprehensive Review: Super Hydrophobic Graphene Nanocomposite Coatings for Underwater and Wet Applications to Enhance Corrosion Resistance Kumar, SSA; Bashir, S; Ramesh, S; Ramesh, K Flatchem


A Concise Review on Corrosion Inhibitors: Types, Mechanisms and Electrochemical Evaluation Studies Ma, IAW; Ammar, S; Kumar, SSA; Ramesh, K; Ramesh, S Journal of Coatings Technology and Research
3. A Review on Graphene and its Derivatives as the Forerunner of the Two-Dimensional Material Family for the Future Kumar, SSA; Bashir, S; Ramesh, K; Ramesh, S Journal of Materials Science
4. A Review on the Recent Advances in Binder-Free Electrodes for Electrochemical Energy Storage Application Gerard, O; Numan, A; Krishnan, S; Khalid, M; Subramaniam, R; Kasi, R Journal of Energy Storage
5. Additive Manufacturing Polyurethane Acrylate via Stereolithography for 3D Structure Polymer Electrolyte Application Norjeli, MF; Tamchek, N; Osman, Z; Noor, ISM; Kufian, MZ; Ghazali, MIB Gels
6. Biodegradable Polymer Membrane K+ Ion Conductor for Electrochemical Device Application Abdulwahid, RT; Aziz, SB; Kadir, MFZ; Sadiq, NM; Halim, NA; Hamsan, MH; Saeed, SR; Woo, HJ Journal of Materials Science
7. Cage-Like Porous Prussian Blue as High-Capacity Cathode for Sodium-Ion Batteries Chen, YC; Woo, HJ; Fadzil, SAFSM; Tan, WN; Wang, F; Arof, AKM ACS Applied Nano Materials
8. Capacity Determination of ZnCo0.26O1.63-N0.18C0.82 Derived from Bimetallic Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework as Anode in Sodium-Ion Battery Imaduddin, IS; Majid, SR; Kamaruddin, NS; Yusoff, NFM; Idris, NH Journal of Materials Science-Materials in Electronics
9. Comparison Between Silver Sulfide and Cadmium Sulfide Quantum Dots in ZnO and ZnO/ZnFe2O4 Photoanode of Quantum Dots Sensitized Solar Cells Masmali, NA; Osman, Z; Arof, AK Ionics
10. Correlation Studies between Structural and Ionic Transport Properties of Lithium-Ion Hybrid Gel Polymer Electrolytes based PMMA-PLA Mazuki, NF; Kufian, MZ; Nagao, Y; Samsudin, AS Journal of Polymers and the Environment
11. Design of Proton Conducting Solid Biopolymer Blend Electrolytes based on Chitosan-Potato Starch Biopolymers: Deep Approaches to Structural and Ion Relaxation Dynamics of H+ Ion Abdulwahid, RT; Aziz, SB; Kadir, MFZ Journal of Applied Polymer Science
12. Designing LiBOB-based Electrolyte for Dye-Sensitised Solar Cell Liew, CAW; Nguyen, TT; Arof, AK; Jun, HK Materials Technology
13. Development and Characterisation of Multifunctional Composite Coatings using Bio-Based Additives Ong, G; Shafaamri, A; Ma, IAW; Kasi, R; Subramaniam, R Pigment & Resin Technology
14. Effect of using Different Reducing Agents on the Thermal, Structural, Morphological and Electrical Properties of Aluminium-doped MgMn2O4 Cathode Material for Magnesium Ion Cells Rosli, R; Othman, L; Harudin, N; Kufian, MZ; Mahat, AM; Osman, Z Journal of Materials Science-Materials in Electronics
15. Enhanced Electrochemical Performances of Mn3O4/Heteroatom-Doped Reduced Graphene Oxide Aerogels as an Anode for Sodium-Ion Batteries Yusoff, NFM; Idris, NH; Din, MFM; Majid, SR; Harun, NA Nanomaterials
16. Evaluation of Radiation Hazards and Risk Assessment in Agricultural Soil and Commonly Consumed Vegetables in the District of Klang, Malaysia Muthu, H; Kasi, R; Subramaniam, RT; Bashir, S Nuclear Technology & Radiation Protection
17. Every Bite of Supercap: A Brief Review on Construction and Enhancement of Supercapacitor Pershaanaa, M; Bashir, S; Ramesh, S; Ramesh, K Journal of Energy Storage
18. Hierarchical Nanospheres of Fe2O3-Fe2N Anchored on Reduced Graphene Oxide as a High-Performance Anode for Lithium-Ion Batteries Idrees, M; Inayat, A; Ullah, I; Albalawi, K; Ullah, S; Bashir, S; Wageh, S; Haider, A; Rehman, AU; Abbas, SM; Zhang, Q; Li, XK Surfaces and Interfaces
19. Improved Cycling Stability of V2O5 Modified Spinel LiMn2O4 Cathode at High Cut-Off Voltage for Lithium-Ion Batteries Radzi, ZI; Kufian, MZ; Balakrishan, V; Pandey, AK; Abidin, ZHZ; Raihan, SRS; Abd Rahim, N; Subramaniam, R International Journal of Applied Ceramic Technology
20. Improving Energy Harvesting Efficiency of Dye Sensitized Solar Cell by using Cobalt-rGO Co-Doped TiO2 Photoanode Ahmad, I; Jafer, R; Abbas, SM; Ahmad, N; Ata-ur-Rehman; Iqbal, J; Bashir, S; Melaibari, AA; Khan, MH Journal of Alloys and Compounds
21. In Vitro/In Vivo Evaluation of Statistically Engineered Alginate Scaffold Reinforced with Dual Drugs Loaded Silica Nanoparticles for Enhanced Fungal Therapeutics Masood, SA; Maheen, S; Khan, HU; Zafar, MN; Shafqat, SS; Mujtaba, MA; Rehman, AU; Abbas, G; Mahmood, MHR; Bashir, S; Khan, TMY; Khalifa, AS Alexandria Engineering Journal
22. Incorporation of Green Capping Agents to Reduce Silver-Mediated Dentine Staining Asghar, M; Yahya, R; Yap, AUJ; Azzahari, AD; Omar, RA Caries Research
23. Influence of Charge Carrier Density, Mobility and Diffusivity on Conductivity-Temperature Dependence in Polyethylene Oxide-Based Gel Polymer Electrolytes Abdukarimov, A; Noor, ISM; Mamatkarimov, O; Arof, AKM High Performance Polymers
24. Influence of PMVEMA-ES and 4-Hydroxycoumarin Hydrazone Dyes on the Physico-Optical Properties of PMMA Coating Films Hisham, S; Salim, MFZ; Chaibi, FZ; Sulaiman, L; Abu Bakar, A; Tajuddin, HA; Sarih, NM; Abidin, ZHZ Polymer Bulletin
25. Influence of Potassium Iodide in Polyvinyl Alcohol-Based Gel Polymer Electrolyte for Efficiency Enhancement of Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Aziz, MF; Azam, MA; Yusuf, SNF; Buraidah, MH; Arof, AK Journal of Polymer Research
26. Intramolecular Charge Transfer-Induced Solvatochromism and Large Stokes Shifts of Furocoumarins Chan, NNMY; Idris, A; Abidin, ZHZ; Tajuddin, HA; Abdullah, Z Materials Chemistry and Physics
27. Manganese-Doped Zinc Sulfide Binary Nanostructures as Binder-Free Electrode Materials for Supercapattery Nasuha, S; Pershaanaa, M; Bashir, S; Ramesh, K; Ramesh, S Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry
28. Modification of DSSC Based on Polymer Composite Gel Electrolyte with Copper Oxide Nanochain by Shape Effect Farhana, NK; Omar, FS; Saidi, NM; Ling, GZ; Bashir, S; Subramaniam, R; Kasi, R; Iqbal, J; Wageh, S; Algarni, H; Al-Sehemi, AG Polymers
29. Multifunction Web-like Polymeric Network Bacterial Cellulose Derived from SCOBY as Both Electrodes and Electrolytes for Pliable and Low-Cost Supercapacitor Hamsan, MH; Halim, NA; Demon, SZN; Sa'aya, NSN; Kadir, MFZ; Abidin, ZHZ; Poad, NA; Abu Kasim, NF; Razali, NAM; Aziz, SB; Ahmad, KA; Miskon, A; Nor, NM Polymers
30. One-Step Co-Precipitated Beta-Ni(OH)(2) at Different Ratios of Ni/2-Methylimidazole and its Energy Storage Behaviour Rahim, AHA; Yusuf, SNF; Majid, SR; Osman, Z Journal of Applied Electrochemistry
31. Plasma Surface Treatment of Polystyrene in a Low Power Low Frequency Argon Glow Discharge Lau, YT; Chin, OH; Lee, HC; Chiu, WS; Woo, HJ Applied Surface Science
32. Poly (Vinyl Alcohol)/Agar Hydrogel Electrolytes Based Flexible All-in-One Supercapacitors with Conducting Polyaniline/Polypyrrole Electrodes Hasan, K; Bashir, S; Subramaniam, R; Kasi, R; Kamran, K; Iqbal, J; Algarni, H; Al-Sehemi, AG; Wageh, S; Pershaanaa, M; Kamarulazam, F Polymers
33. Preparation of Agarose-based Biopolymer Electrolytes Containing Calcium Thiocyanate: Electrical and Electrochemical Properties Rafi, NSM; Abidin, SZZ; Majid, SR; Zakaria, R International Journal of Electrochemical Science
34. Pre-Treatment Effect on the Structure of Bacterial Cellulose from Nata de Coco (Acetobacter xylinum) Rusdi, RAA; Halim, NA; Norizan, MN; Abidin, ZHZ; Abdullah, N; Ros, FC; Ahmad, N; Azmi, AFM Polimery
35. Radioactivity Cocentration and Transfer Factors of Natural Radionuclides Ra-226, Th-232, and K-40 from Peat Soil to Vegetables in Selangor, Malaysia Muthu, H; Kasi, R; Subramaniam, RT; Bashir, S Nuclear Technology & Radiation Protection
36. Recent Development and Prospective of Carbonaceous Material, Conducting Polymer and their Composite Electrode Materials for Supercapacitor-A Review Dhandapani, E; Thangarasu, S; Ramesh, S; Ramesh, K; Vasudevan, R; Duraisamy, N Journal of Energy Storage
37. Review of Peak Shaving Features of the Power Box Kamarulazam, F; Bashir, S; Subramaniam, R; Kasi, R; Sharma, SSA Energy Technology
38. Self-Healable Poly (N, N-dimethylacrylamide)/poly (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) Polystyrene Sulfonate Composite Hydrogel Electrolytes for Aqueous Supercapacitors Bashir, S; Hina, M; Iqbal, J; Jafer, R; Ramesh, S; Ramesh, K Journal of Energy Storage
39. Silver Nanoparticle Decorated on Reduced Graphene Oxide-Wrapped Manganese Oxide Nanorods as Electrode Materials for High-Performance Electrochemical Devices Ansari, AR; Ansari, SA; Parveen, N; Ansari, MO; Osman, Z Crystals
40. Silver Nanoparticles Decorated on the Surface of Reduced Graphene Oxide Coated Titanium Oxide Nanocomposite for Enhanced Electrochemical Supercapacitance Performance Ansari, AR; Ansari, SA; Parveen, N; Ansari, MO; Osman, Z Ionics
41. Solar Cell-Integrated Energy Storage Devices for Electric Vehicles: A Breakthrough in the Green Renewable Energy Kuppusamy, AV; Bashir, S; Ramesh, S; Ramesh, K Ionics
42. Sonochemically Synthesized Cobalt Oxide Nanoparticles as an Additive for Natural Polymer Iodide Electrolyte based Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells Goh, ZL; Saidi, NM; Farhana, NK; Bashir, S; Iqbal, J; Ramesh, K; Ramesh, S; Wageh, S; Kalam, A Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments
43. Structural, Electrical and Electrochemical Characterization of Hybrid Morphological LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 Cathode Material Radzi, ZI; Balakrishnan, V; Pandey, AK; Kufian, MZ; Rahim, NA; Raihan, SRS; Ramesh, S Physica B-Condensed Matter
44. The Significance of Graphene based Composite Hydrogels as Smart Materials: A Review on the Fabrication, Properties, and its Applications Sharma, SSA; Bashir, S; Kasi, R; Subramaniam, RT Flatchem
45. Transformation of Diffusive to Capacitive Kinetics in Nanoscale Modified Co-TiO2@CNTs Composites Safeguarding Steady Reversible Capacity as Sodium-Ion Battery Anode Ata-ur-Rehman; Ali, G; Bilal, M; Zahid, M; Bashir, S; Abul Kalam; Iqbal, J; Qayyum, MA; Wageh, S; Abbas, SM Journal of Alloys and Compounds
46. Understanding the Lithium Dendrites Growth in Garnet-based Solid-State Lithium Metal Batteries Chen, YC; Jiang, YD; Chi, SS; Woo, HJ; Yu, K; Ma, J; Wang, J; Wang, CY; Deng, YH Journal of Power Sources
47. Understanding the Role of Ca-Doping onto MgMn2O4 Cathode Material for Rechargeable Mg Cells Harudin, N; Osman, Z; Othman, L; Hambali, D; Rosli, R; Kufian, MZ; Majid, SR Ionics
48. Variation of Li Diffusion Coefficient during Delithiation of Spinel LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 Rahim, ASA; Kufian, MZ; Arof, AKM; Osman, Z Journal of Electrochemical Science and Technology
49. Why is Graphene an Extraordinary Material? A Review based on a Decade of Research Kumar, SSA; Bashir, S; Ramesh, K; Ramesh, S Frontiers of Materials Science

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