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Instrument information  

Brand: Thermo Scientific

Model: Nicolet™ Summit Spectrometer

Principle: Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer (FTIR) is a non-destructive measurement for materials from types of liquid or solid. The analysis measurement was used infrared radiation (IR) with varied range wavelengths from 4000 to 500 cm−1. The molecule will have different functional groups band, stretch and wagging with different frequencies. During the FTIR measurement, functional groups will absorb light if the light frequency matches the stretching, bending, or wagging frequencies. IR spectra show bands of absorption to determine the functional groups within the molecule. 

Location: Level 1, Block B, Department of Physics.

Person in-charge

Supervisor: Prof. Dr Zurina Osman

Assistant Science Officer: Mdm. Norlela Mohamed Shahardin (Phone no:+603-7967 4020, norlela_ms@um.edu.my)

Assistant Science Officer: Ms Nur Shahfatin Salleh (Phone no:+603-7967 4164, shahfatin@um.edu.my)

Limitation: No gas sample

Form :

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Instrument Status : Good

Last Update: 09/02/2023