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Centre for Ionics Universiti Malaya was officially founded in 2007 by Prof. Dr. Abdul Kariem bin Mohd Arof although the idea came across his mind as early as 2005. Since then, C.I.U.M. has emerged as one of the leading research centre that has published more than 300 ISI-cited journal papers to-date. One of the objectives of the centre is to foster multidisciplinary research collaboration in the field of ionics and related areas, within university, within the country and international bodies.

The Centre for Ionics, Universiti Malaya (CIUM) main research activities include:

[1] Studies on natural and synthesized materials for possible applications a polymer electrolytes

[2] Engineer the polymer electrolytes for optimum enhanced conductivity

[3] Propose mechanism for ionic transport in such materials

[4]  Characterization of ionic conductors

[5] Modeling of transport mechanism and fractal geometry

[6] Develop and characterization electrode of devices

[7] Derive from plant resources and develop new materials for coating applications

[9] Develop a new system for separation for nano-material substances in term of analytical science

[10] Synthesis of new polymeric materials

Last Update: 12/01/2023